Welcome to Bob's Bagels

Serving breakfast and lunch Monday through Sunday, Bob's Bagels offers a casual, classic atmosphere and a menu including breakfast and lunchtime sandwiches, specialty coffees, smoothies and much more.

Open Daily: Mon-Sat: 5am - 8pm / Sun: 5am - 5pm

Our Menu


  • “AMAZING!! My family & I went there yesterday for the first time & we were impressed. I had an everything bagel with egg, ham & cheese and it was delicious! ”
  • “I love this place! The wait staff are really friendly and helpful. The variety of bagels is vast. The food is fantastic.”
  • “Bob's has delicious bagels, their food is fresh and their selection of flavored cream cheese is great. They also have whitefish and flagels - both of which can be difficult to find!”
  • “Good bagels with perfect crisp outside and chewy interior.”
  • “Bob's has the best bagels I have ever had.  They are always fresh and half the the time they are warm and straight from the oven.”
  • “Best bagels in Lyndhurst by far. Everything FLAT BAGEL toasted with scallion cream cheese...”